maandag 28 maart 2016

Johan Cruyff

Johan, you're cruel.

I'm 16, 17.
At the turn of the year I catch the ball in the neck, for good football luck.

During the summer break a daily practice of cutting and turning in the park, the Wiel Coerver tutorial open in the grass.
Juggling a tennis ball, over and over again.

Your return at Ajax in 1981.
Every week I watch your magic and hold my breath.
Life is exciting, what's next?
On March 21 1982 against FC Den Haag at De Meer.
Watching the recap on the telly at 7 pm. 
The pass is from Wim Kieft.
You break through on the right.
Goalie and defenders begging for mercy.
Suddenly your outstep kick, lifting and bending the ball over Havenaar in the goal.

Perplexed and thrilled.
Beautiful and so simple, a piece of cake.

Surely I can do that too.
I should have thought of it before.

Johan, you're cruel.

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